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Supporting Educational Self Governance - Aboriginal Literacy and Pedagogical Considerations

© May 28, 2008 ~ by June Kaminski, MSN PhD(c)

Webcast and Power Point presented for BC Literacy Community

The Aboriginal peoples of North America had their own systems of formal education prior to Colonization - systems which were highly successful. Self Governance in education requires the development and implementation of sustainable educational systems under the full control and jurisdiction of aboriginal people based on the recognition of inherent hereditary and treaty rights, and under international law. To make Self Governance in Education a reality, several processes need to be put into place, including sustainable funding, the preparation of aboriginal educational leaders, and the development of educational systems that meet the needs of each community.

This recorded webcast facilitated by June Kaminski focused on the development of these processes. Community input (from mostly educators who work with Aboriginal students) was provided via chat text mode and recorded questions and feedback provided - all viewable or audible in the recorded webcast session.

You can listen to the Recorded Webcast, saved in Elluminate 8.0. You should be able to listen to the session and view the slide show by clicking the image below. Your computer may prompt you to authorize a Java download to listen to the session, and should download the Elluminate viewer. This is safe to do. You can also view a larger version of the screenshot by clicking here

Click on the image below to Listen
and View the Recorded Webcast

You can also view the PPT
slide show (pdf format, 680 KB)

© - June Kaminski Published: 2008.

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